About Us

Deanna Schaar and Jennifer Oda are pet owners, pet fosters, pet volunteers, and most of all, pet lovers! Both are degreed, certified, insured, background checked, and bonded professionals who find joy and pleasure in caring for pets and giving peace of mind to pet parents when they are away from their pets. Their goals are to provide superior customer service and world class pet care. They take pride in providing a safe, trustworthy, reliable, affordable, and compassionate pet care service.  

Who We Are

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Deanna was born and raised in Port Neches, Texas, a small town in southeast Texas. She and her dogs moved to San Antonio in 2002. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting, a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification and more than 20 years of corporate experience.

Deanna has always had pets as she was growing up. From dogs, to cats, to guinea pigs, she was always the one in the household responsible for any pet (meaning she would feed, water, bathe and care for them).

Deanna has a passion for helping rescue dogs find homes and is the kind of person that if she sees a stray dog or cat, she will do whatever she can to find the stray a home. Deanna is a volunteer for CARE, a dog rescue organization, and has fostered dogs.

Our Story

It all started at the gym; where Deanna and Jennifer met and became friends in 2002. They were both working professionals, trying to balance work, family, and of course, taking care of themselves.
Over the next few years, Jennifer decided to take a break from the corporate life and spend more time with her young son. Deanna was still heavily engaged in her more than full time corporate job.
Because she was a busy professional, Deanna sometimes needed help with her 4 dogs, and Jennifer was available and willing to do this. Jennifer had also helped many other friends with their pets and noticed how much she truly enjoyed caring for the pets.
After being in a corporate position for over 20 years, Deanna decided to leave the corporate world and pursue a job that she was truly passionate about – one that involved
animals in some capacity.
One day in August of 2014, while at the gym, Jennifer mentioned to Deanna that they should start their own pet sitting business. For Deanna, this was truly an answer to prayer.
With their decision to establish Passion Fur Paws, Deanna and Jennifer are able to combine their love of pets with their passion to serve, and look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Passion Fur Paws Pet Care is San Antonio's team of reliable, responsible, trustworthy, and loving pet sitters.
From pet care, medicine administration, overnight stays, or pet errands, we’ve got it covered!